Guida in inglese su come configurare il correttore ortografico con FCKeditor

How to configure spell checker

  • Choose which spell checker do you want to use. Basically, you have two choices: ieSpell and Speller Pages. IeSpell  is quite simple and efficient, but it runs on IE/Windows only. Speller Pages is a free, Open Source, server side spell checker that uses the powerful GNU Aspell engine for the hard work.

    Choose one of them and in fckeditor.config.js tell FCKeditor to use it (add one of the following lines at the end of file):

    FCKConfig.SpellChecker = 'ieSpell' ;
    FCKConfig.SpellChecker = 'SpellerPages' ;

    More information about ieSpell and Speller Pages / Aspell installation can be found in the FCKeditor documentation.

  • [Speller Pages only] After you have succesfully installed Aspell, locate the spellchecker.php (should be located here: modules\fckeditor\fckeditor\editor\dialog\fck_spellerpages\spellerpages\server-scripts\spellchecker.php) and set the $aspell_prog variable to the aspell executable. In windows it should be something like:
    $aspell_prog    = '"C:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell.exe"';

    In linux:

    $aspell_prog    = '/usr/bin/aspell';

    however in some cases this setting should also work:

    $aspell_prog    = 'aspell';
  • FCKeditor now knows which spell checker it should use, but we still need a button to be able to use it. FCKeditor toolbars for Drupal don't have by default the 'SpellCheck' button added. To enable 'SpellCheck' button, you have to add it by yourself in fckeditor.config.js (you may need to clear browser's cache to see changes).
    For example, find a line:

    and add SpellCheck button at the end:

  • That's all! You should be now able to use spell checker inside of FCKeditor, enjoy ;-)
  • Hint for Firefox users: there is one more configuration option available. This option enables the Firefox built-in spell checker while typing. See the FirefoxSpellChecker documentation. To enable it, add
    FCKConfig.FirefoxSpellChecker = true ;

    to fckeditor.config.js