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[MICROSOFT-CNR] Chiarimenti e indicazioni attivazione Office 365

Gentili colleghi,

con l’avvio delle attività in smartworking contingentate dalla situazione COVID, si sta verificando una frammentazione delle richieste generando un fenomeno di rallentamento delle attività del gruppo Microsoft-CNR.

Linux Distros Live Testing

Test a new operating system.

On our website you will find a selection of operating systems,
which you can test online without installation in the simplest way.

NOTE: is nearly one year old, now something happened... Due to several internal problems and current law restrictions, it is forced to shutdown.
The servers are running until September, then all thing will be offline.

Mozilla Thunderbird and the p7m files attachments

p7m files are digitally signed documents and Mozilla Thunderbird manages those attachment with ease, displaying it in the e-mail body if positively recognized. Unfortunately for Italian users, maybe due to a not standard application of file format, when received a message with one or more file attachment of type application/pkcs7-mime (.p7m) is impossible to see the file and to save it.

MS Office 365 activaction screen after uninstall it and new MS Office 2016 installation

After uninstallation of pre-installed MS Office 365 version on a laptop and a new installation of  MS Office 2016 an activation screen in still prompted. 

To resolve the issue:

Virtualbox hypervisor and qcow2 virtual disks

It's possible to attach a qcow2 virtual disk in a guest virtual machine, but only if it's a compatibility format (level) minor then 1.1.

It's possible to check with the command:

qemu-img info vdisk.qcow2

Let's see the output:

Limite di lunghezza del percorso UNC in Windows 7

Potrebbe capitare che un percorso UNC (ma non solo) in Microsoft Windows 7 sia più lungo del massimo consentito di 255 caratteri. L'errore visualizzato:

How to install fail2ban on OpenSUSE distro with systemd backend

Using zypper, install fail2ban and python-systemd rpms.

To install fail2ban software on systemd backend and journalctl syslog manager enable, in jail.conf:

backend = systemd

In the same file, enable jails you want to configure. In this config example, jump to ssh server jail ([sshd] section) and write:

[sshd] # sshd section in jail.conf
enabled = true

Enable fail2ban service with systemctl utility:

Notepadqq, a Linux alternative project to only running MS Windows Notepad++ famous text editor. How to install it into OpenSuse 12.3

Why I cannot use famous Notepad++ text editor in Linux? Because it's only running in MS Windows environment due to Win32 API.

A team of developers (thanks too much!) rewrote Notepad++ original source code, using QT libraries instead of Win32 API. So, if you want to install Notepadqq software (actually there aren't public repositories), follow these steps:

1) Install dependencies from OpenSuse repos:

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