How to install fail2ban on OpenSUSE distro with systemd backend

Using zypper, install fail2ban and python-systemd rpms.

To install fail2ban software on systemd backend and journalctl syslog manager enable, in jail.conf:

backend = systemd

In the same file, enable jails you want to configure. In this config example, jump to ssh server jail ([sshd] section) and write:

[sshd] # sshd section in jail.conf
enabled = true

Enable fail2ban service with systemctl utility:

systemctl enable fail2ban

If you have enabled one or more jails, in fail2ban logs, maybe you should read this error message:

fail2ban-client[11363]: ERROR  NOK: ("Failed to initialize any backend for Jail 'sshd'",)

fail2ban-client[11363]: ERROR  NOK: ('sshd',)

To resolve this issue you make sure that you've installed python-systemd rpm.