Notepadqq, a Linux alternative project to only running MS Windows Notepad++ famous text editor. How to install it into OpenSuse 12.3

Why I cannot use famous Notepad++ text editor in Linux? Because it's only running in MS Windows environment due to Win32 API.

A team of developers (thanks too much!) rewrote Notepad++ original source code, using QT libraries instead of Win32 API. So, if you want to install Notepadqq software (actually there aren't public repositories), follow these steps:

1) Install dependencies from OpenSuse repos:

zypper in libqscintilla-devel libqt4-devel

2) Download original code sources from public git repository into an your local directory ($DEST_DIR_PATH):

git clone $DEST_DIR_PATH

3) Go into $DEST_DIR_PATH/src directory. Compile and make binaries:

qmake-qt4 -r -spec linux-g++


make install

If there aren't any errors, you have installed your software correctly. Type


and start to use this very useful utility.