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Limite di lunghezza del percorso UNC in Windows 7

Potrebbe capitare che un percorso UNC (ma non solo) in Microsoft Windows 7 sia più lungo del massimo consentito di 255 caratteri. L'errore visualizzato:

Abilitare log per demone samba (smbd) in OpenSUSE

In /etc/samba/smb.conf:

#log level=0 oppure non specificato per disabilitare il log. 2 o 3 per aumentare il dettaglio del log (more verbose)
log level = 1
# si possono utlizzare alcune variabili speciali per comporre differenti file di log %S (log delle share), %m (log dei client)
log file = /var/log/smb.log

How to install fail2ban on OpenSUSE distro with systemd backend

Using zypper, install fail2ban and python-systemd rpms.

To install fail2ban software on systemd backend and journalctl syslog manager enable, in jail.conf:

backend = systemd

In the same file, enable jails you want to configure. In this config example, jump to ssh server jail ([sshd] section) and write:

[sshd] # sshd section in jail.conf
enabled = true

Enable fail2ban service with systemctl utility:

Bluetooth non avviato dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento del bluedevil e OpenSuSe 13.1 e 13.2

Su boot.local inserite le seguenti righe

hciconfig hci0 down
sleep 2
hciconfig hci0 up

Remove check ext filesystem on boot


Disable Auto FileSystem Check on SLES

On SLES, the sytem performs an auto check on the file systems by default. This can be very annoying when performing an emergency reboot on a production system. This behavior is adjusted for SLES 11 but as far as I am concerned I'd still check the setting.

Come attivare gli url semplificati (clean url) con Drupal 7 e Altervista

Modificare il file .htaccess decomentando la riga con RewriteBase e mettendo il percorso del vostro sito poi per attivare gli url semplificati utilizzate questo url sul vostro sito

Vmware installation in openSuse 12.3 - Cannot find headers


cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build/include
ln -s generated/uapi/linux .

Preso da quà

Notepadqq, a Linux alternative project to only running MS Windows Notepad++ famous text editor. How to install it into OpenSuse 12.3

Why I cannot use famous Notepad++ text editor in Linux? Because it's only running in MS Windows environment due to Win32 API.

A team of developers (thanks too much!) rewrote Notepad++ original source code, using QT libraries instead of Win32 API. So, if you want to install Notepadqq software (actually there aren't public repositories), follow these steps:

1) Install dependencies from OpenSuse repos:

Suspend fails (reboot on resume) in a notebook with OpenSuse 12.3 and kernel 3.7.10

Lots of time I saw my notebook rebooting after closing lid or, in general, on pm-suspend event. Finally I found a solution, well documented on best-known Linux distros communities, to solve the trouble. In some old hardware and new kernel releases it's necessary to add a parameter on grub configuration file referred to kernel linux start entry. In grub.cfg search for 'vmlinuz-3.7.10-1.4-desktop' (in my case) and add at the end of row this parameter:


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